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DOG REFUSES TO LEAVE SICK OWNER’S SIDE AT HOSPITAL - "He hangs around the automatic doors and when someone goes in or out, in he runs and goes straight to his owner’s bed."

For the past week, a dog named Nao Nao has been staying by the bedside of his owner who was admitted to the First Clinical Hospital of Jilin University in China. The owner collapsed due to a heart attack, and Nao Nao rode with her in the ambulance. He has been with her at the hospital ever since. Read more from the Croatian Times:

A loyal pup has set up home in a hospital’s A&E unit in northern China after his owner collapsed from a heart attack.

Loyal pal, Nao Nao, has been living in the emergency department of the First Clinical Hospital of Jilin University in Changchun ever since his owner was brought in a week ago.

Hospital administrator Wang Ts’ai said: “He came with his owner in the ambulance all the way here and we can’t get rid of him.”

He added: “He hangs around the automatic doors and when someone goes in or out, in he runs and goes straight to his owner’s bed.

"We don’t want to put him in the pound because we think he is good for his owner so we put up with him."

Medics say Nao Nao’s owner, Fen Hsueh 43, is recovering from the heart attack that put her in hospital but will have to remain there for at least another week.

Wang Ts’ai explained: “Some of the staff have started feeding him so now we’ll probably never get rid of him as long as his owner is here.

"But he’s a very loyal little dog and is certainly helping his owner."

Hopefully this loyal dog can go home with his owner soon. Click here for the full story. 


These awesome illuminated inflatable white rabbits are the work of Australian artist Amanda Parer for an installation entitled Intrude. In May 2014 the giant glowing bunnies were installed at the Vivid Festival of Light Sydney and next month they’ll be part of the Junction Arts Festival in Launceston, Tasmania.

Parer’s enormous and radiant rabbits, which stand 7 meters (~23 feet) tall, were created as a twofold response to the animals’ common occurrence in Australian fairytales as well as their invasive presence throughout Australia:

"These animals first travelled to Australia on the ships of the First Fleet and were brought ashore in cages in January 1788. These adaptable creatures quickly made themselves at home and eventually spread to almost every corner of the land. An Australian contradiction, Intrude represents the fairy-tale animals of our childhood – a furry innocence, frolicking through idyllic fields, while revealing their more serious and large-scale effect on the environment.”

Click here for additional images.

[via Lost At E Minor]

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