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I’m done explaining why fanfic is okay.


Note: this post was originally made in 2010 in response to Diana Gabaldon’s epic rant about fanfiction. The original version is still being updated. I’m reposting it to Tumblr by request, but if you have any additions, please feel free to drop a comment at LJ so they can be added to the masterpost!

Dear Author of the Week,

You think fanfic is a personal affront to the many hours you’ve spent carefully crafting your characters. You think fanfic is “immoral and illegal.” You think fanfiction is just plagiarism. You think fanfiction is cheating. You think fanfic is for people who are too stupid/lazy/unimaginative to write stories of their own. You think there are exceptions for people who write published derivative works as part of a brand or franchise, because they’re clearly only doing it because they have to. You’re personally traumatized by the idea that someone else could look at your characters and decide that you did it wrong and they need to fix it/add original characters to your universe/send your characters to the moon/Japan/their hometown. You think all fanfic is basically porn. You’re revolted by the very idea that fic writers think what they do is legitimate.

We get it. 

Congratulations! You’ve just summarily dismissed as criminal, immoral, and unimaginative each of the following Pulitzer Prize-winning writers and works:

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This? This is cool. Hang on while I turn into a giant horse nerd for a minute here.

Horses will not lie down unless they feel totally at ease and unthreatened, and especially in the flat-out position. They only lie flat like the two in the front if they’re going to do some REM sleep, which only lasts about 45 minutes. Normally a horse will lie in sternal recumbency, like the two in the back. 

The fact that these ponies feel comfy enough to lie down and nap on a beach full of people is impressive— it means they live a life generally free from stress and have learned that they can trust humans. I’d love to know which group of wild ponies this is!

Fun fact: in a herd of horses taking a nap, there will always be at least one who is standing, although they may be relaxed (see cocked leg on rightmost horse). This horse has the job of being the lookout.

floppy horsies

you had me at “hang on while i turn into a giant horse”


If those are Assateague feral “ponies”, they know quite well that they are protected by law, and they take full advantage.  

I’ve seen them rummaging through people’s campsites at night.  They can open coolers.  



The Navy has figured out a way to convert water into fuel

In news that is sure to rock the fuel industry, the U.S. Navy has announced that they believe they have solved one of the world’s greatest scientific challenges: how to turn seawater into fuel. Last week, naval scientists successfully flew a small 2-stroke model airplane running on seawater-derived fuel, proving that engines can run on the energy source they’ve developed. Essentially the process extracts carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the water and recombines it into hydrocarbon chains that liquify via a metallic catalyst into a purely synthetic fuel source.

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Dr. Russell was right!  XD  

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